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Passenger Training Course


NOTE: The Passenger Endorsement application can be pre-empted. Contact us to find out how.

Do I need a Passenger Endorsement?

People who hold a Passenger Endorsement (P Endorsement) usually drive buses, shuttles or taxis, but some other drivers need a P Endorsement too.

You need a P Endorsement if you drive a small or large passenger service vehicle in a passenger service (i.e. where passengers are carried for hire or reward). A Small passenger service vehicle has a maximum of 12 seats (including the driver). Large passenger vehicles have more than 12 seats including the driver.

You need a P Endorsement if you drive a motor vehicle that is not being used in a passenger service but where one of the passengers has provided the vehicle and you are paid for driving it. An example of this type of situation is a ‘Dial-a-driver’ operation.

Note: If you’re planning to drive a heavy vehicle in a passenger service, you must also ensure you have the right class of driver licence.

About the Course

The Passenger Endorsement can be a one day course if you have evidence of good logbook skills and done Unit Standard 24089. Otherwise it is a two day course. The first day will consist of training & filling out a work book, then you will sit the Assessment test.

Once you have completed this and are competent you will then head down to the AA or VTNZ to process the rest of the application. If you have to do the Logbook Unit Standard there will be a second day, you will be put through the Training and work book and then there will be an Assessment test.

Unit Standards

17579 Demonstrate knowledge of driver requirements for endorsement P (Passenger). 3 5 6
24089 Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management, work time and driver logbook requirements. 3 5 1

What Will I Need?

  • Must have held a full New Zealand Class 1 Licence for two years (Holding an equivalent overseas licence will not meet this requirement).
  • Must supply evidence of your identity e.g. Current drivers licence.
  • Present a Basic Medical under 60 days old from your Doctor if you haven’t done so within five years.

Interested in other options?

If you have any problems with reading or writing or with numbers, then please inform us. We need to know so we can support you. There are a variety of options we can offer you. 

Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more information about the Passenger Endorsement, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the options available to you.

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