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Ride Forever - Motorcycle Skills

Ride Forever

Drivetech offes these courses in conjunction with Ormsby Motorcycle Training.

There are five Ride Forever courses (below). Each course focuses on specific skill areas. The Bronze, Silver and Gold courses are designed to be undertaken in that order, however experienced riders may choose to skip the Bronze and go straight to the Silver. The Urban and Scooter Survival courses are stand alone modules.

Ride Forever courses are conducted in small groups (maximum 6 riders). Typically the format begins with a sit-down session discussing the topics covered in the course. This is followed by an instructional session of practical skills, and then an on-road group ride where you will be linked via intercom with the instructor. At the end of the day, the group will return to HQ for a de-brief. There is NO PASS OR FAIL—Ride Forever courses are simply about learning more about riding and improving your skills.

You can attend courses as many times as you like—there no limit. Some riders come back each season and re-do courses just to get things fresh in their mind.

Ride Forever courses are suitable for ALL road motorcyclists regardless of type of bike.

We constantly get great feedback from riders of all levels on these courses—you will be surprised how much attending a course may help improve your riding.

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